What Type of Entertainment Do You Need?

 Strolling Acts

SO! You can plug strolling entertainment in anywhere and everywhere, this type of entertainment is always on the move and can go where they are most needed in moments notice.

 Childrens Shows

Geared toward the young and the young at heart, children’s entertainment entertains the adult through the child’s delight.  You can never miss when you make a child happy.

 Variety Acts

Hey folks! Get yer Jugglers, your Stilt Walkers, your Wacky Wheelers, your Walk-a-rounds right Heeeere!  Step right up!, don’t be shy, we got em all, and more.  Come on now! one an all, STEP right up!. Good old fashioned classic entertainment, but new and improved.  We got em here!  Step right up!

 Stage Shows

These acts like to preform on a platform or stage.  If you have such a place, whether indoors or out consider filling it with the fine entertainment offered by CS Talent.

 Magic Shows

Magic is always a favorite of  audiences of all ages, while delighting them with humor and mystifying the mind.  The shows offered by CS Talent will always leave them wanting more.  These shows fall into the strolling and stage types of entertainment.


About 60 years ago there was a program on TV called “People are Funny”, where the host Art Linkletter proved that people didn’t have to try to be funny, because they were inherently funny.   Hypnotist shows prove this concept very well.  And they are very funny shows.

 Self Contained

Entertainment of this genre are generally fully equipped to supply themselves with everything necessary to their performance.  Almost like a player piano – find a spot for it to go, and plug it in.  Except that what you find at CS Talent is a lot more fun!

 Thrill Shows

Most Thrill shows are self contained and offer audiences the thrill of risking personal danger while performing seemingly impossible stunts with skillful precision.

 Animal Acts

What is it that makes animal acts so fascinating?   Maybe it’s the fact they are animals to begin with.  When they are just standing around like in a petting zoo they are entertaining.  Have em do a trick or two, or run around in a racing ring and you have bonafide crowd pleaser.

CS Talent – A leader in The Field!

CS Talent has over thirty years experience in providing entertainment to fairs, festivals, and corporate events.  With a courteous no pressure approach we never push or cajole, but work with you at your direction to obtain the entertainment that will best fit your purpose.  Why not give CS Talent a call today, or take a moment and use our contact form by clicking on the link below, and let us know your hearts desire.


Let us take you where you want to go!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Video I Can See?

Yes, we have videos for most of our acts showing on this site.  However, videos are constantly being updated as they become available from the acts, so if you find one that is not present, please contact us and we will be sure to get it to you.

Is it possible to get multiple year contracts?

Yes, Most definitely.

Can I have a Promo Package Sent?

Yes, Packages can be assembled for all of our represented acts, suitable for submission and presentation to boards and committees.

Do you give discounts for multiple year and or multiple act contracts?

Yes, though this is largely dependent upon the act, and the unique circumstances presented, but we are always open to negotiating terms that would satisfy all parties.